Snow Cones are delicious in-hand refreshments made from ice cubes that are shaved into the consistency of snow using our Snow Cone machine. This unique product is then drenched with high quality flavoured syrups to produce a refreshingly cool snack. Eye catching refreshments are made quickly and are served in a flower cup, cone or tub and are eaten with a straw spoon.


Package Options

Pay as you go events (here the general public are admitted) e.g shows, galas, festivals, fetes etc

Private hire (Fixed price with a limited number of Sno-Cones


Event Organisers

Please bear in mind we require a maximum space of 6ft x 8ft for outdoor events and 6ft x 6ft for indoor events.  

Please note that we DO NOT require an electricity supply or generator.

We will always supply  

1 friendly ice shaving member of staff in uniform

1 Sno Cone ice machine

Up to 20 natural flavoured syrups

Hawaiian flower cups or Sno-Cones

Straw spoons


t: 0113 365 0111